The Whole Job


The Whole Job is about committing to build your organization’s capacity, and then funding that commitment. By the end of this module, you will have an overview of infrastructure elements, a priority list for which elements you want to develop next in your organization, and an understanding of what motivates funders to give capacity-building grants.

Setting Infrastructure Priorities - Exercise

Fund That Commitment - Video

If... -Exercise

Funding Factors -Exercise

Bonus Materials

Full text of The Whole Job chapter from Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector book (PDF)
Full audio recording of The Whole Job chapter from Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector book (MP3)
Conversation starters: The Whole Job
Reflection Worksheet and Development Plan.pdf

Course Modules


Culture matters. It’s a core organizational asset.


Respecting and trusting your people is the foundation of all good management.


Always listen for and even seek out signs of trouble. Bad news is good news if you do something about it.


Develop “court sense” to see everything that’s happening around you, and to rapidly adjust to changes.


Commit to doing “the whole job.” Investing in organizational capacity contributes to excellence and impact.


With limited time and resources, it’s essential to prioritize and then focus.


Planning is essential but success comes from the implementation of your ideas. “Book It and Ship It.” Make a decision and manage the consequences.


To create a culture of accountability, reinforce individual ownership of problems. Always ask, “Who owns the monkey?”