Your Partner’s Success

Last week I talked about successful collaboration. This week I’d like to share another idea about this important topic.

When you are engaged in any effort that demands collaboration, you must treat your partner’s issues as paramount and do everything you can to resolve friction and help your partner succeed.

You cannot build a healthy and productive partnership when you ignore your partner’s issues, or when your partner worries that you will unfairly exploit the relationship. If you convey that you appreciate and want to help your partner succeed, my experience is that you will receive the same support in return.
It’s essential to bring a certain mindset to the collaboration. Here are some principles that can help make your collaborative efforts a success:

  • Both parties must perceive that agreements are fair. Goals should be attainable and payoffs realizable.
  • I don’t expect to reach my goal before my partners reach theirs.
  • I keep my partners apprised of both the success and failures of my efforts.
  • Long-term relationships have greater payoffs than quick rewards.
  • I believe my contribution is critical, but that my partners can be successful without me.

These values may sound fairly simple, but they require serious ongoing commitment. Are you committed to collaboration?

  • Think about a recent collaborative effort you engaged in. Did the project reach its goals?
  • Were you able to put your partners’ needs ahead of your own? If not, explain.
Watch the video below for more about Partner Success!
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