Uncover Driving Forces

It’s been said that the one constant is change. Change creates opportunity. In every opportunity and in every decision, there are driving forces that you need to consider. They may be macro or micro. For example, the rapid spread of social media gives nonprofits new ways to communicate with their constituencies and to raise funds. But it has also forced us to develop new skills and learn new approaches. The recent assault on DEI renews our focus on hiring and team-building.
A good manager is constantly looking at the driving forces that are likely to impact the future of their organization, everything from labor costs to social trends to government regulation. Get used to looking for them early in your career, and your ability to perceive and incorporate them into your strategy will improve over time. Every significant decision should include an assessment of the relevant driving forces.
  • Can you identify two or three driving forces that currently affect your nonprofit?
  • What impact are these driving forces having on your organization?
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