Treating People With Respect

Respect and trust your people

This is the foundation of all good management. Without it, you will never be a successful manager.

A key element of respect is modeling every behavior you expect in your organization. As a manager you are constantly being evaluated by your team on whether you treat people with respect and whether you walk your talk.

Your tone and behavior should show regard for every employee’s strengths, contributions, and cultural background, as well as their health, workplace comfort, and psychological safety. If you are disrespectful of your employees or you disregard their humanity or dignity, they will not trust you and you will limit your potential for success.

Trust is born of respect.

  • Does everyone within your organization promote respect and trust for one another?

  • How does your organization demonstrate respect for the strengths, contributions, and cultural backgrounds of your employees?

To learn more about Respect and Trust, watch this short video from Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector