The Rule of Three for Hiring

Staffing is a challenge for every organization. Relentless competition with the for-profit sector can make hiring extra challenging for nonprofits.
An organization committed to excellence deliberately focuses on building strong teams. It’s critical to identify and recruit a diversity of people who share a commitment to your mission and are willing to learn and adapt as your nonprofit’s needs change.
I’ve developed a “Rule of Three” for success in hiring new staff. Here’s how it works….
It should be a priority for every employee to develop and carefully maintain a personal list of at least three people who would be a good fit to work within your organization. Being reminded to do this makes people more alert when they’re in meetings, on the road (or Zoom calls!), or even in social situations with friends or colleagues.
This isn’t just about hiring new managers and senior executives. It’s for all positions.
Keep DEI in focus. You’ll gain additional benefit from assembling a diverse and inclusive team with complementary skills and a range of functional backgrounds.
  • Do you maintain a list of three individuals who you think would be great employees anywhere within your organization?

  • How can you identify additional employee prospects?