The Dailies

Many unproductive attitudes can infect a company that does not pay close attention to its culture and values, both daily, and for the long term.

I’ve always made a point of challenging staff to connect their daily activities to basic values and goals. If they encounter a conflict they cannot resolve by themselves, I encourage them to convey this to a manager who can then make a decision.

Managers should make it clear to their staff: “In making commitments, engage seriously and be certain you have an in-depth understanding of the expected results. Collaborate with your clients and colleagues to define success. If other priorities impact your ability to meet all or part of your commitment, communicate this early to your client.”

I’ve made this part of a concept that I call “getting the dailies” – getting the routine elements of the operation right every time so they don’t create crises.

  • Have you mastered getting the “dailies” at your organization?
  • What could help you improve the process of getting the routine elements right?
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