Structure + Processes + People = Culture

Support for DEI, based on the values of mutual trust and respect, is part of a strong and productive organizational culture.

This strong and productive culture is, in turn, the result of three elements that must be handled properly, and in order: Structure, Processes and People.

If you want to build a robust culture, begin by looking at the structure under which people are working and make sure specific managers are accountable for the changes you want to see happen.

Make sure your managers are accountable for prioritizing change, and that your team is as skilled and focused as possible.

Scrutinize processes for inconsistencies or unintended gaps. Processes must be developed collaboratively, requesting — and also accepting — input from all stakeholders.

People: make sure your team is as skilled and focused as possible and accountable for prioritizing change. (If you put inferior people in key positions, no amount of management effort will spin gold out of straw.)

Do these three things properly and, over time, a strong culture will emerge.

Q: In building your organizational culture, are you focused on Structure, Processes and People?

Q: Which of those three needs more attention from management?