Shared Experience

With Thanksgiving less than a week away I’m thinking about community, the community that your nonprofit serves, but also the community within your organization. The Covid crisis isolated board members from face-to-face interaction with their nonprofit team. As we continue to grow more comfortable with relaxed health restrictions, the Thanksgiving season can provide an occasion for your staff and your board to plan an activity, in person, for a (long overdue!) shared experience.

Perhaps that activity could include helping some other organization. My local favorite is the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, now the largest Thanksgiving Day race in America, benefitting four local nonprofits. The race had to be suspended for two years, but returns next week, with some 20,000 runners expected. That’s just one idea.

With my best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving,
Jim Morgan

  • Are you ready for some face-to-face time with your board and nonprofit team?
  • What kind of activities could you plan for the weeks or months ahead?