Seeing the Hope Inside Yourself

National Mentoring Month takes place every January. President Biden noted in his 2023 National Mentoring Month declaration, “As families and friends, teachers and counselors, coaches and co-workers, faith and community leaders, good citizens and neighbors, we can each play a role in helping the next generation of Americans achieve their dreams.”
People often ask me about mentors. I didn’t have one mentor and I believe it’s not practical to attach yourself to one role model or manager. I tried to learn from everybody I worked for. When you sincerely want to learn, not just get ahead, successful people are happy to help you. I don’t view the notion of a mentor as being someone who advances your career. That may happen, but I think it’s more important to realize that the most valuable thing successful people have is their time and they will only invest it in someone who really wants to learn and grow. Nobody is sitting around waiting for someone who needs help to appear.
I’ve assembled a dozen Morganisms that I and my Applied Wisdom team have selected that we believe can inspire both mentors and mentees as they help to develop their staff within nonprofits, and beyond.
Keep in mind also the role of boards as mentors to a nonprofit’s executive team.
You can find the download, “A Dozen Morganisms for Mentors and Mentees,” here.
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As Oprah Winfrey has said, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”
  • Are you currently serving as a mentor to others, whether within your organization or elsewhere?

  • How can you signal your eagerness to do so?