Respect & Trust is at the Heart of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

When I think more deeply about diversity, equity and inclusion, I’m reminded of one of my core beliefs, which is to build your organizational culture around the principles of mutual trust and respect. This is the foundation of all good management. A culture that promotes and rewards respect and trust will be healthy and productive.

As I discussed last week, diversity, equity and inclusion can be a broad, encompassing concept. The nuances are subtle.
The idea of mutual trust and respect is more specific and easier to grasp. Rather than thinking that DEI is going to create a whole new organizational culture, I suggest you focus first on respect and trust and build out from there. I think this will complement and strengthen your commitment to diversity, to equity and to inclusion.

  • Are your DEI initiatives grounded in mutual trust and respect?
  • How can this provide a new perspective on diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization?
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