Problem-Solving and the “Let’s Do” Attitude

The ongoing dysfunction in Washington in both the House and the Senate highlights the importance of effective problem-solving.

Nonprofits are constantly faced with making difficult decisions toward solving a range of problems.

Here is some advice:

  • Agree on a definition of the problem.
  • Invite suggestions from all parties toward possible solutions.
  • Prioritize the proposed solutions.
  • Make a decision.
  • And manage the consequences.
  • Support the decisions that have been made until there is a need to change.

So much can be achieved when we bring a positive attitude to the challenges we face. When you focus on solving problems, it shapes your attitude toward new ideas and how you put them to work. It’s more than just a “can-do” attitude; it’s a “let’s do” attitude. Let’s put our heads together and make this work.

Q: Do you use a defined problem-solving approach to help you move forward with new ideas?
Q: How can you adopt a “let’s do” approach to problem solving?

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