Problem-Solving and the “Let’s Do” Attitude

2023 wasn’t an easy year for nonprofits; it wasn’t an easy year for the world. And 2024 is off to a rocky start. In the midst of uncertainty, I often turn my attention to solving immediate problems, the things that I can influence.

You can’t fix all the problems in one go. I’ve previously described the concept of “shrinking the problem” — reduce an unwieldy problem to one or more smaller challenges that you feel can be addressed.

When you focus on solving problems, it shapes your attitude toward new ideas and how you put them to work. It’s more than just a “can-do” attitude; it’s a “let’s do” attitude. Let’s put our heads together and make this work.

Try these six steps:

1. Agree on a definition of the problem
2. Invite suggestions from all parties toward possible solutions
3. Prioritize the proposed solutions
4. Make a decision
5. And manage the consequences
6. Support the decisions made until there is a need to change

Here’s to 2024, a year full of new achievements, with many small problems solved.

  • Do you use a problem-solving approach to help you move forward with new ideas?
  • How can you adopt a “let’s do” approach to problem solving?
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