Organizational Culture

The role of leadership is to create a strong organizational culture that aligns with a nonprofit’s purpose, mission, vision, and values. It’s important for everyone in the organization to understand its purpose and goals, both immediate and long-term, and to feel a sense of belonging and respect.

To lead a nonprofit through changing times, remember why the organization exists and what it stands for. Be conscious of the culture you want to foster, and use every opportunity to build and nurture it.

Culture is built upon your nonprofit’s values. It’s crucial for your staff and board to articulate and embrace these values. If you don’t develop processes collaboratively by inviting input from all stakeholders, your culture may become plagued by simmering resentments. Many unproductive attitudes can infect an organization that does not pay close attention to its mission, vision, and values. A culture that promotes and rewards respect and trust will be healthy and productive.

An exceptional culture will attract great employees, board members, volunteers, and supportive donors, all of whom can propel your mission forward.

  • Does your nonprofit have an exceptional organizational culture?
  • How could your culture be strengthened?
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