Mission Statements Reinforce Organizational Values

Sometimes people roll their eyes at mission statements and strategic rollout events with slogans and banners. It’s possible to overdo it, but it’s also important to reinforce and repeat fundamental organizational values. Many unproductive attitudes can infect a nonprofit that does not pay close attention to its culture, mission and values.

Alongside my team at Applied Wisdom for Nonprofits we’ve developed both a mission statement and a vision for the work that we are undertaking within the nonprofit community.

Our vision is that:
Ethical, effective nonprofit leaders move humanity forward.

Our mission is to:
Unlock and encourage excellence in nonprofit managers and leaders by providing timeless, easily accessible resources and tools.

We hope that in articulating our vision and mission we can be more intentional in our efforts, and that the individuals and organizations we connect with will have more clarity about our work and our goals.

  • Does your organization have both vision and mission statements?
  • How can your vision and mission statements be revisited and possibly revised?
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