Inspired by Nonprofit Leaders

In creating our Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector online course, three local nonprofit leaders shared some of their unique management experiences. I was particularly inspired by things that each of them said, and when I hear leadership tips that resonate with me, I make note of them. Here are several examples from the course videos:
“In a post-pandemic world, we have this pivot point and moment that we can serve as leaders to drive a new generation of corporate citizenship.”

– Ahmad Thomas, Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

 “Push beyond best practices. Best practices have only gotten us thus far.”
 – Gabriela Chavez-Lopez, Latina Coalition Silicon Valley. 

“I’m on a never-ending leadership journey.”
– Michael Elliott, Valley Health Foundation.

These three insights each point to the fact that we are taking part in an evolution. An evolution in our own learning, an evolution in the processes and practices that we follow, and an evolution in what nonprofits can be. Elevating your leadership to meet these times is one of the highest contributions you can make. I encourage you to keep your own leadership journal, to note – and to apply – the insights that inspire you.

Click the button to download my worksheet to help you start your personal collection of maxims and catchphrases.

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