Fundraising is a Growing Challenge

I have been hearing from several nonprofit leaders that fundraising has become more difficult since Covid. The nonprofit sector continues to face a shortage of experienced fundraisers, especially diverse candidates. Small nonprofits struggle to compete for fundraisers as they often have the smallest budgets.

To address donor trust issues, transparency is key. Providing clear information on how donations are used can improve trust levels.

Demonstrating the impact of past donations can attract more support as people are more likely to donate to organizations that have shown effective use of funds. Engaging previous donors involves personalized communication and updates to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Your nonprofit will prosper if you focus on finding and cultivating donors who share your vision. To attract multi-year gifts ensuring your sustainability, you’ll need to show donors and grantmakers a multi-year strategic plan and budget to sustain and grow your organization’s impact. I am always impressed when a nonprofit has an honest conversation with me about how unrestricted general operating support will best help them achieve their goals.

  • Are you finding fundraising increasing difficult in 2024?
  • What are you doing to address the challenges?
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