Don’t Be Afraid to Have a Plan B

I like to remind people of what I call “the Cost of Perfect Information.” Time is wasted and opportunities are lost when people become fixated on having perfect information, rather than appreciating that there will never be enough information, nor will there always be perfect decisions. That does not mean you should pursue long shots or ignore troubling data just to make sure you do something. You always want solid information, whether it’s about your client’s demographics, your program outputs and outcomes, or your nonprofit’s financial condition.

But there will always be unexpected twists that can sabotage the best-laid plans. Once in motion, be prepared to adjust and recalibrate to ensure success. Stay on top of whether your original assumptions and execution are panning out.
And just as importantly: Don’t be afraid to have a Plan B ready!

  • Do you have a Plan B?
  • What should your Plan B contain?