DEI and Fundamental Management Practices

Well-managed organizations foster diversity, equity and inclusion. It doesn’t have to be a part of a separate DEI effort: It can be most effective when it’s built into the management initiatives that are already in motion.
One example is found in my most-often quoted saying, “Bad news is good news if you do something about it.” Problems arise within every organization — that can be bad news. But bad news is good news because it gives you a chance to address problems before they spiral out of control.
The best way to find out what’s really happening within your organization is to reach out to people in every role and at every level, and to listen, within a framework of mutual trust and respect, to their insights and observations. An organization where there is a perceived (or actual) penalty for reporting bad news will shut off the supply of information that is critical to effective leadership.
Fostering a listening culture within your nonprofit is crucial. When employees feel heard and valued, they are more likely to share their insights and observations, leading to a more inclusive and equitable workplace. By promoting a listening culture, leaders can gain a better understanding of the challenges the organization faces and take positive steps to address them.
  • Do your staff feel free to speak openly about bad news?
  • How can you enhance your “listening culture”?
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