Decisions Create Momentum

I’ve talked before about the cost of perfect information. People who become overly focused on obtaining perfect information before making decisions often waste time and miss out on opportunities. For many choices, the cost of trying to make a “perfect decision” is too great. People will often spend too much time deliberating and then fail to sufficiently monitor the results of their decisions and to create backup plans.
Organizations in motion can alter course much faster than they can go from zero to 60. Decisions create momentum.
When making decisions, get used to not having perfect information. Of course, the decision is important, but more important is how you manage the next steps. Establish a written set of milestones to assess each decision and how you are managing the consequences of the decision over time.
  • Does your decision-making process get bogged down in a search for perfect information?

  • How can you get used to not having perfect information for each decision?