Announcing the New Applied Wisdom Online Course

The most frequent request I get from readers of Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector is “more.” How can I learn more? How can I increase my understanding of the principles in the book? How can I share this knowledge with colleagues, friends, and family?
With that in mind we developed the Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector Course, launching today on the Applied Wisdom website. It’s designed to help you strengthen your leadership skills, and achieve greater impact.
The course is self-paced, covering practices to use on your own, with your team, and with your board. It’s delivered in short videos, including real-life examples from three accomplished nonprofit leaders. The accompanying exercises in the course workbook will enrich your thinking about nonprofit management and leadership.

Please click on the image below and take a look at the course description and sample video, and let me know your thoughts about what I hope is a valuable new program for my readers.