Accountability vs. Victims

When things aren’t going well there is a tendency for staff to personalize their anxiety and frustration and create “villains” and “victims.”
This illustration shows the difference between an organizational culture characterized by accountability, versus one characterized by a victim mentality. An accountable attitude is the opposite of a victim mindset. In an accountable culture, employees are comfortable acknowledging reality, warts and all. They don’t just wait for someone else to solve their problem, or hope that things will improve on their own, or spend time crafting excuses or pointing fingers at others. They take responsibility for finding solutions and improvements for the problems over which they have clear authority.
If you want to build a certain kind of culture, or you want to rebuild a failing culture, begin by looking at the structure under which people are working and make sure specific individuals are accountable within their area of responsibility. Scrutinize the process for inconsistencies or unintended gaps and make sure that your team is skilled, focused, and comfortable with accountability.
  • Are you finding that some of your staff are suffering from a victim mindset?
  • How can you move them toward embracing accountability?