A Values-Based Culture

The role of leadership is to build a strong organizational culture based on a nonprofit’s mission, vision, and values. An exceptional culture will attract great employees and volunteers, board members, and supportive donors who can propel your mission forward.

Your nonprofit’s values are fundamental to your culture. Both staff and board must articulate and embrace those values. Develop processes collaboratively by inviting input from all stakeholders, otherwise your culture can become plagued by simmering resentments. Unproductive attitudes will start to infect an organization that does not pay close attention to its mission, vision, and values.

Be conscious of the culture that you embrace and use every opportunity to nurture it. A culture that promotes and rewards respect and trust will always be healthy and productive.

  • Can your staff, management and board articulate your organizational culture? 
  • How can you further nurture and strengthen that culture?
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