A New Year’s Resolution

As we approach our New Year’s celebrations, I’d like to suggest to you that an excellent New Year pledge is to improving your organization’s management capabilities. It starts with you!

I expect that your organization already has a strong mission and values statement. When I ran Applied Materials we condensed our twelve values into three that we could easily remember, no matter our culture or our geography. They were:

  1. Close to the Customer (for nonprofits this could mean “the client”)
  2. Mutual Trust and Respect (which is essential to every organization)
  3. World Class Performance (this applies to nonprofits as much as it does to commercial enterprises)

I compiled concepts like these, building a personal catalog of management ideas and observations. I continued to fine-tune them over the years, many of them based on lessons I’d learned from other leaders and managers. Much later, when I pulled my collection together, it turned out that there were over one hundred management tips, what I think of as a catalog of “applied wisdom.”

As a New Year’s gift, I’d like to share my collection with you — my colleagues call them “The Definitive Morganisms.” Let me know which ones are most helpful to your mission of improving your skills both as a manager and as a leader.

Download the Definitive Morganisms

My best to you in the New Year,
Jim Morgan