The Whole Job

When working with nonprofits I often talk about the importance of managing “the whole job.”

Whether an organization sells a product or a service, it needs functions and processes that support the mission. It needs a system to spend and control cash; it needs facilities and some equipment; it needs human resources and a hiring process; and it needs a process to ensure quality. Nonprofits have numerous regulations to follow and extensive reporting requirements. A weakness in any one of those key functions could obliterate successes in the others. Without most of these in place, the organization won’t even get off the ground. Over time, without all of these functioning, an organization will inevitably crash.

You must understand and commit to doing the “whole job.”

  • Does your organization take on the whole job?
  • What parts of the job are you not paying enough attention to?


To learn more about doing the whole job, read this chapter from Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector.