People often ask me about my mentors. I didn’t have a single mentor — I believe it’s not practical to attach yourself to just one

Developing Managers

As your nonprofit grows, the demands within your sector and the dynamics of the larger world change and you have to stay on top of

Decisions Create Momentum

A decision accomplishes nothing except creating momentum in a particular direction. Deciding to get married, for example, does not create a long and happy marriage


There are some people who value success but don’t care whether they receive praise. They work fine on a team led by a very ambitious

Start With Your Conclusions

When you’re trying to communicate something important to a group, begin at the end, by stating your conclusions and recommendations. Then get into the whys

Make Decisions at Meetings

Make sure no one leaves a meeting without making decisions on every recommendation. If there’s still concern or confusion, schedule a second meeting as soon

Work For the Best Managers You Can

Throughout my career I was fortunate to be tutored by strong leaders and managers, when I worked on the family farm and in the cannery,