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Eight Practical Insights

Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector

Jim Morgan, a well-known Silicon Valley high-tech executive and philanthropic leader, shares leadership and management principles proven to be effective in nonprofit, philanthropic and business contexts. Explore the eight simple insights that have consistently delivered great results supporting the nonprofit sector in complex, real-world situations.

Cultivating Culture
Cultivating Culture

What People Are Saying


At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group we are focused on catalyzing change around diversity, equity, and inclusion, from the boardroom to the C-suites and beyond. Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector helps to inform both our practice and structured execution on this key business imperative.
Ahmad Thomas
Ahmad ThomasCEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group
“At CEN, we see the potential for every team member, regardless of title, to show up as a leader. In our programming, Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector has served as a great tool to aid any and every one in improving their leadership and management skills.”
Shana Peete
Shana PeeteChief Executive Officer, Center for Excellence in Nonprofits
“This little booklet is EXCELLENT for the whole nonprofit sector. Well done… and it’s fun to read! Jim Morgan’s insights offer wisdom and ready-made learning to spur action and promote behavior change within ourselves and our organizations.”​
Tom Tierney
Tom TierneyChairman and Co-Founder, Bridgespan
“Jim Morgan has long been known for supporting diversity in his approach to management. This booklet works for all groups learning nonprofit management, especially those managers of color or those working with people of color. It is widely known that in healthcare, we must work to improve our equity in care. I believe this booklet will help my staff develop processes focused on continuous improvement in care. “Bad News is Good News if You do Something About it” is a chapter that I live by.”
Irene Chavez
Irene ChavezRetired SVP and Area Manager, Kaiser Permanente
“This booklet delivers on its promise. This easy-to-read but powerful collection of leadership principles provides real value, not just for chief executives, but for the board members who lead with them. The practical wisdom, and especially the collection of questions for board discussion, are excellent resources for any nonprofit board committed to truly advancing their nonprofit’s mission.”
Mary Hiland
Mary HilandNonprofit Governance Consultant
I have used Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector in training multiple cohorts of the next generation of nonprofit leaders. Jim’s book is filled with practical and actionable insights, and I recommend it as an excellent handbook of leadership principles that apply across sectors.
Curtis Chang
Curtis ChangFounder and CEO | Consulting Within Reach
“Simple and effective advice for chief executives to use with their staff and board. It’s shaped the culture of our organization, catalyzed our strategic thinking and assisted us in implementing our strategic plan.”​
Lisa Andrew Ed.D.
Lisa Andrew Ed.D. CEO, Silicon Valley Education Foundation
Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector outlines principles for cultivating a culture that operates in alignments with its values. “Bad news is good news if you do something about it” is a component of our board meetings where we receive not just the highlights but also the “lowlights” and challenges. The reflection questions offered in each chapter include questions for every member of the organization. These are a first step in building a culture of accountability and help us strive towards our commitments to equity and inclusion.
Anu Gorukanti
Anu GorukantiPediatrician, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Co-Founder, Introspective Spaces

“I love that book so much that I gave it to all my clients. It’s a gem in terms of management and leadership tips.”
Linda Keegan
Linda KeeganLinda Keegan Consulting
“A great resource for leaders of community foundations, private foundations, and nonprofit organizations alike. It’s succinct, practical and inspiring all at once. Among many valuable insights, I love Jim’s reminder to consistently ‘look up, look forward, and look around’.”​
Nicole Taylor
Nicole TaylorPresident and CEO, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
“I keep Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector within arm’s reach of my desk to periodically reference and revisit. I’ve read through it more than once, and I was struck by a different bit of wisdom each time.”
Shannon McCracken
Shannon McCrackenCEO, The Nonprofit Alliance
“Jim Morgan’s combined experience as a successful businessman and philanthropist offers deep understanding from both worlds. This booklet offers countless insights to help busy foundation trustees direct their grant funding productively.”
Matson Sewell
Matson SewellCo-trustee and Grants Manager, Arata Brothers Trust

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Free Digital Bundle

Get the Complete
Digital Bundle

Free Digital Bundle